Friday, May 15, 2009

Supply List for Blueberries and White Chocolate

Blueberries and White Chocolate a great technique class.

Class Description,
Tired of that sinking feeling every time you see the words, REFER TO PHOTO FOR PLACEMENT? Love those beautiful borders but have no idea how to get graceful curves with your vines? This class is for you! The quilt “Blueberries & White Chocolate” is a class with many techniques that are just plain fun and easy. Learn to machine appliqué your flowers and place tiny paper pieced stars in the center of your blocks ,sew beautiful beads on your quilt by machine and more!. We’ll have fun as you learn all the fun and easy techniques for making the beautiful quilt Blueberries & White Chocolate from the book QUILTS FOR CHOCOLATE LOVERS. It looks so hard but is ohhhhh so easy!

This is a Blue and White quilt but yours does not have to be…..what about purples or reds?!

1 ¼ yd. Blue/white print
2 ½ yd. White tone-on-tone Note: White borders in this quilt are not pieced, and are cut on lengthwise grain.
22” x 22” square Dark Blue for bias stems-do not precut just bring fabric to class.
¼ yd. Medium Blue for appliqué Leaves
2 1/2 yd. total of Assorted Blues (10 minimum blues) for appliqué petals, inner border, blocks, paper pieced squares and binding.

Other Materials
Book: Quilts for Chocolate Lovers by Janet Jones Worley—(book is now out of print)

Small pkg. of beads available in class for .75 cents (these beads will be blue, you will have to supply your own beads if using different colors.
Universal Sewing Machine Needle size 70 or 80.
Rotary Cutter, Mat and ruler
Basic Sewing Supplies
¼” foot and zigzag foot for sewing machine
1 pkg. Fusible Web
5” spring hoop (plastic ring with a metal inner ring that springs open to hold the fabric in tension)
Celtic Design Company Metal Bias Bars #1 set, ¼” bar. Note: metal bias bars are the best to use no plastic.
Smoke invisible or clear thread .004m
Large eye needle for making by hand French knots
Ordinary kitchen freezer paper 2 lengths 60” long ---Cut before class.
Various blue threads to match fabric of petals, leaves, and vines.
Below is a list of the Exact threads and brand I used in my quilt. You do not need these exact threads. Kreinik threads are embroidery threads mainly used in hand embroidery. This is what I used for my French Knots and veins. Bring what you happen to have or can easily get or wait until after class.

Kreinik Metallic #4 very fine Midnight 060, 4 spools
Kreinik Metallic 1/16” ribbon Bahama Blue # 329
Kreinik Metallic medium #16 braid, Royal Blue 033
Kreinik Metallic 1/8” ribbon, Star Blue 94
Kreinik Metallic 1/16” ribbon, Blue Ice 1432
Kreinik Metallic 1/8” ribbon, Silver Night 393

HOMEWORK: Cut 4 white tone-on-tone strips 6 ½” x 65” for borders on LENGTH OF GRAIN this is the only fabric you will cut on length of grain. Cut 2 strips from Blue/White print 4 ¾” x WOF (width of fabric), cut into (12) squares 4 ¾” and draw a diagonal line on wrong side. Also cut from Blue/White print cut 5 strips 4” x WOF” & cut into (48) 4” squares. Cut 2 strips from Freezer Paper: 6 ½” x 60”.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions about this supply list or any further help.
Janet Jones Worley 1935 Meadowbrook Dr. #1808 Huntsville, AL



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